Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Vintage Image Candles

    I took some candles from the dollar store that were peppermint scented (they truly smell like candy canes) and tried a new technique I read about to make my own stickers using vintage images (because they are so cute.)  I have several images I used, but this is my favorite.  The images and technique all come from The Graphics Fairy website.
     These are going to make nice gifts for those people that just need a nice little gift to let them know I am thinking of them this holiday.  All ladies like candles right?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Penguin Kit Kats


Cute little Poinsettia Christmas Mini Tote Bag

     I just created this cute little tote bag made of card stock using a free design from Bird's Cards and my Silhouette Cameo. 

      I resized it to fit 2 entire bags on a 12x12 sheet of card stock.  After assembling the green tote using 1/8 inch double sided adhesive, I saw how gosh darned cute it was and had to decorate it for Christmas. 
     I used a Poinsettia cutting file that I thought I got from Bird's Cards but can't find anymore (maybe she no longer is offering it-I noticed many files that I previously downloaded are no longer available) and my Silhouette to cut out two Poinsettias on one sheet of 8.5 x 11 card stock, then cut out some leaves to go behind it.  No leaves were included in the Poinsettia file.
     I then cut out paper to decorate the front, back and sides of the tote using scraps from an old paper pack purchased 3-4 years ago from JoAnn's.
     I lifted the leaves of the poinsettia flower a little to make it more three dimensional, then assembled everything using a brad to keep them in place.  I used a large glue dot to attach the poinsettia to the tote, then added a glittery self adhesive dot (from the Dollar Tree) to the brad in the center of the Poinsettia. 
     I then used Wink of Stella on the Poinsettia flower leaves-note to self: next time do it BEFORE assembly!
     It's about 4.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide which is perfect for some miniature candies or small gifts.
     I want to make several more and if they turn out just as cute I will include those images below.  The music note background paper paired with the poinsettia is so cute but because I am out of those scraps I will be playing with other papers.

Old Time Christmas Cards using a Paper Pack

     I had scraps left over from an unknown Christmas paper pack purchased from Joann's about 4 years ago.  It included different sized squares of old time images that could easily be turned into cards.  Of course at the time I didn't realize what to do with them because they weren't the size of a card.
     I revisited those scraps recently and decided to turn those images into simple and quick little Christmas cards using matching scraps of double sided papers from the same pack and a few pieces of dry embossed solid colored cardstock.

     I ended up changing some of them after taking this photo so I will include images of those changes below.  In the top row, I kept the first card as is.  It has Wink of Stella on the candle lights to make them "glow".  I changed the rest of the top row cards slightly and will describe them below.
     On the second row, I kept the cards as is.  The first one on the left has red gemstones added to the holly leaves.  The middle one has Wink of Stella on the poinsettia leaves, and gold colored enamel accents added for the center of the poinsettias.  The last card has Morning Dew Nuvo Crystal Drops added over the holly berries, and Wink of Stella on the holly leaves.  All of the cards have the same sentiment inside which is "Warm Winter Wishes" from Gina K Designs "Holiday Greetings" which doesn't seem to be available for purchase anymore

     I decided to add a similar embellishment to the top row second and third cards.  I just put a red and white snowflake made on my silhouette cameo (I have tons of these left over from a project) and a red adhesive gemstone in the upper right hand sides of each.  I did need to add some color to the white snowflake because the white clashed with the off white of the card so I used some antique linen distress ink on the snowflake to dull it down.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

First Attempts at Bra Making

Second Bra Attempt with Maya Bra Pattern by Ana

    If you can't find a well fitting bra and you know how to sew, then the decision of what to do about it is obvious.  I, however, will be starting as a newbie even though I know how to sew.  I have a serger and a computerized sewing machine with hundreds of stitches that is capable of embroidery too.  I seldom use it but I do want to start sewing again.  I am so frustrated about not being able to find a bra that fits so this is my comeback to sewing.
     Unfortunately, it isn't as straight forward as sewing side seams, putting in zippers and buttonholes, gathering and setting in sleeves.  I can do all those without problems.  It's like bra making is from another planet.  There are so many specialized fabrics, special accessories and specialized instructions to follow.  Don't get me wrong, I can follow instructions.  That is the easiest part.  I have made panties before and know how to set in lace and add lingerie elastics.  It is the precision involved.  You must be VERY precise in your sewing to get that professional look, but hey at this point I am less concerned about a professional look and more concerned about fit.  Precision will come with practice.
     There are patterns for sale on Etsy and a few free ones online if you want to search for them.  There are also some traditional patterns by Kwik Sew and Elan that you can search for.  I actually have one of the Kwik sew ones that I never used and the size won't work for me anymore.  It will work for my daughters though.  (Anyone see any pretty bras ending up in their wardrobe in the future?)
     I am working with the free Maya bra pattern by Ana from Romania.  If the link doesn't work it is probably because she is planning on moving her entire blog to  She is not there as of this blog post though.  Ana has English or Romanian instructions for you to choose from, but they aren't complete yet.  There are enough instructions to get the cups made and attached to the cradle and bra band, then put in elastics.  It doesn't cover the side stays, hooks and eyes or the attachment of straps though.
     As far as fabrics go, the ideal ones are currently out of my price range so I will be asking for a gift card for Christmas so that I can buy the necessary fabrics.  Unfortunately, you can't get the proper fabrics from your local fabric store.  You need to go to online bra making supply stores.  You CAN get some items from Fabric Depot online but you can't get everything you need there.  I am concerned that by the time I spend shipping and handling at multiple stores in an attempt to get the lowest prices I will likely spend more in shipping than the discounts I am receiving.  I have therefore decided that I will purchase them all at the same online store.  I have been looking and know of one that has everything (Sweet Cups Bra Supply), including kits for first time sewers who are confused as to what to buy.  They are the US distributor for supplies that are sold by the instructor of the Craftsy class at her Canadian Location.  I will keep you updated when I venture into the online world of bra making supplies.  I understand they have Good Friday and Cyber Monday sales so that might be when I have to order my minimal accessory products to use with the fabrics and elastics I have at home-I need underwires and hooks and eyes at the minimum.
     In the meantime, I made the Maya bra in the size I currently wear just to see if I could make something that looked like a bra.  I had to supplement the instructions with my  imagination plus some videos I found on YouTube and pieces from several videos.  Because I can't purchase underwires locally I purchased boning as a substitute and I purchased a cheap washable fusible foam instead of the suggested foam.  Then I purchase a bra repair set of hooks and eyes.  These are not professional looking at all because they aren't as wide as the bra band and definitely make it look homemade, but it is totally functional.  Here is a photo of my first attempt, although I picked it apart to use some of the nicer elastic and the hooks and eyes for my second attempt.  The first attempt was every bit as ill fitting as my current bras, but despite the fact that I have cut parts of the bra off, I think you can see that it was looking quite nice.

1st Maya Bra but deconstructed.  Ignore that image in the center of the bra.  My editing software added that weird detail

     For my second attempt, I didn't want to purchase more foam in case it still didn't fit.  I went down a cup size, used the same band size and again used boning instead of underwire.  Because it is a soft bra I have stuffed it with crumpled newspaper to make it more 3-D.  Please excuse the lumpiness.  It is difficult to tell if it fits or not due to not having proper underwires so I have decided I will order some underwires on my next payday, remove the boning from the casing and put the underwire in instead.  It seems closer to a proper fit but doesn't lay right.  A foam bra would have been easier to evaluate.  The image is at the top of this post, but I have added closeups here.

     After my second attempt which still didn't seem like it was going to fit perfectly, I signed up for Beverly Johnson's Craftsy class "Sewing Bras-Constuction and Fit".  I discovered that I didn't do things the way they should be done.  My top-stitching was too far from the seam line, I really HAVE to have underwires to evaluate for a good fit, and there was a top-stitching detail she teaches that I wasn't aware of.  I also didn't realize that you really must have two separate lines of top-stitching on your underwire (boning in my case) casing.  I only top-stitched the outer edge.
     I really hadn't planned on spending money on the class right now, however, I probably saved a lot of frustration by doing so.  I eventually want to purchase the Pin Up Girls Shelley Bra Pattern (which is also available at the US distributor site linked above under "one that has everything") and have questions on the Craftsy site for Beverly to help me find my proper size in her pattern.  According to her charts, my combination of cup size and band size doesn't equate to a pattern size.  It is a non-traditional size.  No wonder nothing ready made fits me.  This is another reason I am glad I am taking the class.  I can stop wasting my time shopping for bras, only to come home with nothing.
     I will post again after making my first bra using underwires and the Craftsy class instructions.  It will be with non-traditional fabrics I just have laying around my house until I finally make a bra that fits well.  I am concerned that Beverly is going to tell me to just alter the heck out of the cups to make them fit or to take one of her other classes for more detailed information for fit.  I really don't want to be spending money right now and just can't take another class until Spring probably.  I REALLY need a bra soon though.  Wish me luck!
     If you are interested you can search for images of the Maya Bra and the Pin Up Girls Shelley Pattern made by home seamstresses like me.  They are gorgeous.  I've seen them on Instagram and Pinterest and they are probably all over the web if you just search for them.  Ana has some completed Maya bras on her website as well.

Monday, July 11, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge day 7

     I'm a little behind in my coloring this month but I took the Copic Jumpstart class last month taught by Sandy Allnock and I was a coloring fool.  I don't want to push myself to color this month, plus when I do color, I really want to be sure I can create a card right away with it.  I made this a few days ago but it took awhile to get proper natural light to photograph it.

House Mouse Warm Cup
     I used the House Mouse stamp "Warm Cup" and copic markers R81, R83, R85 for the cup and Caucasian skin tones for the mouse (I don't remember which of the blends I used, I have several skin tone "shades" I use from palest to very dark).  I also used scraps of patterned paper that were from a coordinating set and I attached it to this card base I made on my Silhouette Cameo.
     Now all I need to do is stamp an appropriate sentiment on the back when I find a need for this card.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last lesson for Copic Jumpstart

     For our last lesson we were given kid's drawings (Thank you Penny-they are so cute!) to color along with a few other things to do.  I really want to get my Nieces and Nephews to send drawings to me now.  They would make excellent cards to send to them.  All I did was add the grass to "ground" the images.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Hair and Skin

Saturated Canary Wendy

     Today we worked with hair and skin tones.  I did work with a different skin tone than I normally do but I did the hair similar to how I normally do.  I'm not sure why the image doesn't seem clear but I took the photo at night and I continuously get terrible images that way.

Copic Jumpstart Color Combos

Traced Balloons from Avery Elle Balloons Dies

     Our homework for the day was to stamp multiple images and use different types of colors (warm versus cool) to make some images recede and some jump forward.  We also saw examples of  monochromatic, analagous, complementary, and triadic coloring.  I didn't have any stamps that would work for the homework so I used a set of balloon dies to create a possible card front.  First I traced the balloons, making sure to tuck some behind each other, then I colored them with analagous colors.  That is the look I am most drawn to.  
     I wish these were stamps because I don't have that thick outline to help keep my balloons perfectly even on the edges.  Some of my coloring goes outside the drawn pencil lines.  I couldn't have used my multi-liner to trace though because even with pencil, my dies wiggled and I messed up my tracing from time to time.  A copic multi-liner would have made a disaster if that happened.  Even though I don't have the nice black outline and my edges aren't perfectly smooth, I think I might be able to make this into a cheerful card for one of my young nieces or nephews.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Copic Jumpstart lesson 7

Ellen Hutson Mondo Hydrangea by Julie

     The lesson of the day was flowers.  I use to color each petal as individual shaded circles or ovals.  With the hydrangea however I looked at hydrangeas at the store and preferred the ones with yellow centers.  Initially I colored the two bottom ones and really liked them, but for class I experimented and colored another set identically, except I added the complementary color around the edges to shade, then went over them with the initial color.  Just a tiny bit of complementary color shows here and there around the edges and it also darkens the color.  I think I prefer it even though I really like the inital way I did them.  I guess I just need to continue to do them multiple ways since every way seems to be good.  (Sorry that the images on the left are blurry.  I'm not sure how that happened.  A light box is on my wish list but will probably take a year or two until I can afford one.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Lesson 6

Doodle Pantry Finny Fish

     Today in class we learned to draw long and short fur and add scales.  I do not like the look of drawn on fur.  Unless it is done by an artist (which I am NOT) it tends to look contrived.  Therefore, I searched for a digital image to apply scales to.  I had alligators and dragons, but they already had circles drawn on them where the scales should go, so I decided to use this fish instead.
     I made several of these in different colors.  As I was coloring them I saw how they looked in three different stages:  Plainly colored with no shading (boring, but how I use to color), Shaded but no scales (how I have been doing things for a few years now) but next to the ones with scales, it was still ho-hum, and then this shaded with scales.  It is definitely an improvement.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

High School Graduation Card

     My youngest daughter is attending her commencement ceremony today for graduating from high school.  I decided to do a red and black themed card in honor of her school colors.  I even spruced up her envelope a little.
Fiskars Monumental Moments

     I colored some clear rhinestones red for my bling.  I foam mounted the focal piece and put it on a black card covered with a scrap of red and white striped paper.  I colored part of the stamped rectangular "box" with a red copic marker and it actually makes it look as if there is a red layer and two white layers.  The inside sentiment says "Follow Your Dream".
     I am in process of finishing her cake and the side dish for dinner.  I bought her some roses, candy, and a balloon.  She is very shy and doesn't want a graduation party so there will be two times this summer when we visit relatives and bring a graduation cake with us as well as her senior photos.  Pretty low key this summer.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Copic Jumpstart- Time to Mask and Stamp


Masked Balloons and Strings

 Today we masked whatever stamps we had that were roundish, then colored and shaded them.  I didn't have the best selection of stamps and this was the only configuration I could come up with but I guess it wasn't so bad.
     I was able to mask the balloons so they look like they are behind each other and then I masked the strings so it looks like they are tied onto one string and then attached to the mug handle.  I did need to use my Copic Multiliner pen to finish the curlicue on the top of the mug handle.
     I used Memento Tuxedo Black ink to stamp the images and the two stamp sets I used were Fiskars Birthday Bash and Hero Arts Father's Day.  I drew in the tabletop.  I didn't have anything that seemed masculine to add as embellishments so I am keeping it plain.  Sometimes simple is better.  I think I have enough action going to keep the eye moving on the card front.
     I attached the card front (Georgia Pacific card stock) to PaperTrey Ink True Black card stock that I top folded into a card base.  I lined the inside with more Georgia Pacific card stock.

Copic Jumpstart Lesson 4

Lighting and Shading
     I learned a little more about lighting and shading than I did in the Online Card Classes Copics for Card Makers class.  Unfortunately I didn't remember to apply all that I learned to this image.  It was my first attempt and I was fairly happy with him though.  I plan on coloring many more so that I can perfect the technique.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Lesson Three

My Favorite Shading Blend
     I have been experimenting and experimenting and experimenting with shading blends and have found my favorites.  This yellow one is slightly different than those mentioned in class, but Sandy said to experiment on our own to find what we prefer.  This one uses a lighter violet as the deepest shade, yet I still can see the deeper color and it avoids having the shaded parts look orange.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Lesson 2. Blending

Day 2 - Blending

     Day 2 of Copic Jumpstart class was all about blending.  Blending with just one color, or two colors or preferably 3 colors.  It was also about blending colors that don't necessarily go together.  I discovered a new color combination for turtles.  I really like the colors Sandy chose for it.  I also discovered my own blend of marker colors for the dog that I love and saved as one of my favorite combinations.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sandy Allnock's Copic Jumpstart Class Lesson 1

Lesson One-The Color Wheel

     I am so excited to take this class.  Sandy Allnock, to me, is the most gifted Copic colorist.  She is a trained artist and excellent teacher plus she is pleasant, bright, funny and a good person.  I love the art she creates from scratch with her Copic markers and she will use stamped images with hand created forests or etc for the backgrounds.
     I previously took the online card classes Copics for Card Makers class and learned a lot.  Since then I seem to have improved also.  Sandy said that even experienced Copic users will likely learn something in this class so I was sold.  I am not at an "experienced" level yet but that comment made me believe I would definitely learn from her.
     In this first lesson we learned (actually I did learn it) about the color wheel.  I knew about the color wheel before but have never tried to use it for anything so it was more of a concept for me.  It was nothing I would ever use.  I now have ideas of how to use it when selecting colors, plus I am sure we will be using it in class.
     The coolest thing about this lesson was learning how to make multiple colors using just 3 markers.  In the bottom of the image above is two circles with pie shapes in them.  The one on the right was made using only three markers.  I  made all those different shades with just different amounts of blending between the three colors.  Very cool.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Splitcoaststampers Virtual Stamp Night-Here Comes the Sun Challenge

     I participated in this challenge 1 day late.  It started on a Friday but I wasn't able to participate until Saturday.  Instead of participating in "Real Time" like I did in the past, I participated in it after the fact.  I have until tonight (Sunday) at 10pm to post all my cards to their gallery but I don't have enough time to complete the challenges in time.  This is what I was able to complete this weekend:

Turn Up the Heat challenge MAR16VSNC

     This card uses Hero Arts Dotted snowflake stamp with versamark ink and clear embossing powder, Papertrey Ink Aqua Mist for the sentiment (TPC Studios Brush Stroke Greetings) on Papertrey Ink Aquamist card stock, some coordinating ribbon I found some place (maybe Michaels?) and clear gemstones.  I tried a new technique on the die cut snowflake called multi-color embossing.  I masked the outer edges of the snowflake then applied versamark ink so I could use silver embossing powder.  After removing the mask and heat embossing it, I used my versamark pen to just apply versamark to the outer edges, then applied gold embossing powder and heat embossed it.  I really like the tone on tone effect with the pop of metallic shine in the center.

Made for Sunny Days Challenge MAR16VSNE

     For this card I created a serene scene at the beach using Papertrey Ink Aquamist Dye ink sponged on for the lake, Neenah Desert Storm card stock for the card base and stickers found at Dollar Tree.  I used Gina K Designs Black Onyx ink for the sentiment from Gina K Designs Ruby Reprise stamp set.

Give me a Head of Hair challenge MAR16VSNK

     Here is another Whimsy Stamps Jenny has the cure image.  (I have posted a few recently).  I used memento ink to stamp Jenny and Gina K Designs Black Onyx ink for the sentiment.  I colored Jenny with copics and used a bright yellow dry embossed scrap of card stock in honor of the Here Comes the Sun theme.  I also used stickers from Dollar Tree.  I like how the bright yellow makes it cheerful.

Round and Round Challenge MAR16VSNA

     This was my first attempt at making a circle card.  I made the card easily enough however I'm not sure when I will ever use it.  It was fun to try a new technique though.  The stamp is Stampalicious Bugaboo Poppi Cocoa  I also stamped the dotted background with Papertrey Ink Polkadot basics and Gina K Designs Moonlit Fog  Dye ink.  I die cut the scallop and scrap paper circle, then copic colored the edges of the scallop to coordinate with the copic colored mug.

Brighten the Grey challenge MAR16VSNH

     This is a simple card made for the color challenge of using grey with a pop of yellow.  I only have one background stamp and this is it.  I REALLY could use more background stamps.  This card would have been very boring without a background stamp.  The Stampabilities Faded Text background hopefully fades into the background though.  I used stickers from Dollar Tree and made a grey banner for the sentiment from TPC Studios Brush Stroke Greetings, using Gina K Designs Black Onyx dye ink.  I really like this color combo and saw many nice cards made with the combo at the Splitcoaststampers gallery. 

Sun Symmetry Challenge  MAR16VSNB

     I used the spirelli technique for the scalloped circle behind the heart.  I wrapped it in twine.  I have a paper doily behind everything and a scrap of red striped paper.  The heart was paper pieced with scraps and stamped in Gina K Designs Black Onyx dye ink using Simon Says Stamp Locking Hearts stamp set.  I also used large and medium red gems as embellishments.  The base card stock is Gina K Designs Black Onyx and the paper pieced heart was applied to Georgia pacific card stock before being die cut with Your Next Stamp's Scrapwork's mini sunburst die set.

Brand New Challenge MAR16VSNL

     I used this stamp and sentiment for the first time today.  I always thought it was the cutest thing but I never used it.  It is from Gina K Designs Heartily Yours stamp set, using Gina K Designs Black Onyx dye ink and Prismacolor colored pencils.  I used a copic marker to color a clear gemstone pink to add as an embellisment then glued a pink twine bow to the lava lamp.  The white focal piece is Neenah Solar white 110# and the base is left over from a long time ago.  The scrap patterned paper is likewise old enough that I'm not sure who makes it but I recall purchasing it from JoAnns individually.

Sunshine Box challenge MAR16VSND

     This is one of the Paper Nest Doll stamps I showed in a previous post during the recent 30 day coloring challenge.  She was stamped with Memento Tuxedo Black dye ink then colored with copic markers.  The sentiment is from Gina K Designs Ruby Reprise and stamped with Gina K Designs Black Onyx dye ink.  Two days ago I opened a box of chamomile tea and found this beautiful yellow gold pattern inside.  I immediately knew  I would be using it for a card, however I hadn't planned on removing all the tea bags so soon so I could use it for this challenge.  I then used Martha Stewart Daisy Wreath stickers because they remind me of Chamomile flowers.  The base card stock is Neenah solar white 110 #.  The image is stamped on Georgia Pacific which is the cardstock that works best for me when using copics.  It helps me conserve ink because it is thin and saturates quickly.

We'll Sing in the Sunshine challenge

     This is another image and sentiment that I hadn't yet used from Gina K designs Heartily Yours Stamp set.  I stamped it in Gina K designs Black Onyx dye ink and colored the birds with Prismacolor pencils.  I embellished it with a pearl and musical note stickers.  The white focal piece was die cut with stitched rectangle die cuts, and the gingham background scrap was also die cut from the same stitched rectangle set.  The base cardstock is Neenah Solar white 110 #.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

I was able to help a school with my cards.

     Yesterday I took a trip to my Mom's house and brought a standard sized gift bag FULL to the brim with cards I had been saving.  (I went through all my favorite cards that I had been saving for several years and realized that my style had changed and it was time to pass most of the saved ones on).
     My Mom is a volunteer at a Christian private school and likes to gift my cards to the teachers from time to time to lift their spirits and she also has a secret pal there that she is able to bless with my cards.  I was told the teacher just loves my cards.
     I suspected that this bundle had way too many cards for her to use since once a year I bring quite a few cards to her to use for the school and for her personal needs.  (I just left my yearly bundle with her a few months ago).  I thought she would pick a few special cards out and give the rest back to me.
     To my surprise she was delighted to keep them all.  I didn't realize that next month is the annual school raffle and they need donations to raise money for the school.  She has never been able to help out by donating anything and was excited to package up several baskets of cards for the raffle.  I had planned on finding some place to donate the unwanted cards, but to be able to help out a school financially with my cards was a blessing.  I'm a happy girl.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

How Many Cards can you Make with a Mini Stamp Set?

     In January I ordered a mini stamp set from Gina K Designs called "Love is Friendship".  It had one image and one sentiment.


     I have heard stampers discuss the fact that you should think of three ways to use a stamp set before purchasing it so that you get your money's worth.  That sounds like sound advice because the stamp sets I never use do not inspire me to create different types of cards.
     The first card was inspired by a floral card created by Melanie Muenchinger.  It isn't as pretty as hers, but the inside front of the card is also stamped with the guitar so that it looks like it lines up with the front of the card.


     For my second card, I wanted to use some wood tone paper for the guitar.  It didn't turn out as I had hoped because the wood tone was on too big of a scale.  A smaller scale would have worked nicely.  I used Washi tape stripes.


     For the third one I did some simple masking of the guitar to make the hearts go behind it.  The stamp had three hearts in a row so I used my MISTI to line them up evenly.  I also performed "stamp surgery" on the sentiment because the entire sentiment wouldn't fit on one line where I wanted it to fit.

     I put even more work into the 4th card.  I used a script stamp on a panel behind the red and cut out a heart near the center.  I stamped the sentiment and guitar on black card stock and used versamark and silver embossing powder for the detail, plus I stamped a swirl near the bottom with the versamark and used the same silver embossing powder.  I then took my versamark pen and "drew" a line along the two edges of the panel behind the guitar and also applied silver embossing powder.  It makes it look like there is a third layer of card stock but it is the same layer the script stamp is applied to.  Then I took the entire panel and attached it to an A2 card base.  The right side of the photo has glare but the panel is centered on the card.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Repeat Stamping - Wishing you a Speedy Recovery

     I don't have anyone to send this card to currently but things do come up suddenly don't they?  It is helpful to be prepared.

Clearly Whimsy Stamps "Get Well Soon"

Sunday, February 28, 2016

30 day Coloring Challenge Day 28 - Backgrounds

     I decided to play around more with backgrounds.  I decided that if I used my Copic Multiliner to actually draw the upper part of the grassy area it would make it look kind of cartoon like and the figures are already a little cartoon like.  This seemed to make it more connected.  I also experimented with making clouds and sky.

Art Impressions, Hampton Art, "Gardeners Set"

     Having a background really makes the card special.  I thought the cards were cute with no background but now I see that there is no comparison.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge Day 26 - Bugaboo Poppi Cocoa

     Today I colored an image from Stampalicious called Bugaboo Poppi Cocoa.  The Penguin is so cute.  I used Copic markers then some glossy accents for his nose and the berries on the Holly and I used clear Wink of Stella on the straw, marshmallows, cap, holly leaves, mug and the white parts of the Penguin.  I shimmered almost everything!  I have purchased digital images from Bugaboo stamps before but this was a clear stamp.  (I REALLY need to make a light box of some sort.  Even with natural sunlight I get shadows.)

Stampalicious Bugaboo Poppi Cocoa

     I also made a card for my daughter to give to her doctor.  She is almost 18 and will need to stop seeing her pediatric doctors.  We are giving her doctor a starbucks gift card along with this card that has an image of a teacup.
     I got the dimensional teacup sticker from a dollar store a year or two ago so I don't remember who makes it.  I also used some washi tape and heat embossed the sentiment.
     The front of the card is shorter than the back of the card and it is an odd size.  I may need to make an envelope for it because my daughter won't want to give it without one.
     I somehow managed to get some pink ink on the back of the card.  Oh my.  Stuff like that happens all the time.  Fortunately I found some designer paper that coordinates with the pink stamped swirls on the front and I was able to completely cover the back and make it look intentional.  That was a first for me.  Paper on the BACK of a card.   And again - overexposed photo in spots and shadows on other parts of the card.........

Autumn Leaves Elegant Flourishes, Hampton Arts KI Memories Greetings

Thursday, February 25, 2016

30 day Coloring Challenge day 25 - Thank you Star Ribbon Card

     I am calling this a Star Ribbon Card because it reminds me of those "First Place, Second Place" etc. ribbons that are awarded.

Papertrey Ink Background Basics - Gingham

30 Day Coloring Challenge Day 24-Mermaid with Fish

     I colored the Paper Nest Doll "Mermaid with Fish" today and fussy cut her out.  I  need to start making cards out of the Paper Dolls very soon.

Paper Nest Dolls "Mermaid with Fish"

     I tried to color her like Ariel but I don't have proper Copic colors for red hair.

Monday, February 22, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge Day 22 Pirate Treasure Map Card

     Hello there.  I am excited to finally try to make the pirate treasure map card posted by Sandy Allnock.

     I downloaded the path outline.  I tried three times to trace it and failed miserably so I just printed it out and cut it.  It wasted the other 3/4 sheet of cardstock but thankfully it was just Georgia Pacific card stock from Walmart.  I had these dimensional pirate stickers left over from another project (purchased several years ago at the Dollar Tree) and I knew they would be perfect for the treasure map.  I then adhered the card front to a #110 Neenah Solar White card base.  
     My nephew turns 5 next month so I thought this would be perfect for him.  I almost wish I had more pirate stickers for my other nephew who will be 4 this summer (different relative's child), but he loves cars so I think I will turn his into a road or race track instead.
     I had to create the background map but I did it just like Sandy so it was easy.  The map was my coloring for the day.  I may have to get the same stamp set she used though because I like this idea so much.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge Day 21

     I got home from visiting relatives tonight and decided to color a little something and actually make a card out of it.

Retired Image ?  from

Friday, February 19, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge at The Daily Marker Day 19

     Today I pulled out the download I received  from Sandy Allnock with inspirational quotes.  I followed along with some of her suggestions for new techniques to try.

Distress inks for top two cards and Copics for bottom three cards.

30 day Coloring Challenge Day 18 and Couponing the New Way

     I lost my Mojo.  Ever since the emergency when I accidentally gave my cat the seizure medicine my dog takes instead of her own seizure medicine (she's fine by the way), I haven't been in the mood to color projects.  I started working on a mindless coloring page which was still nice.  It still takes me "away" but I have very little to show for it.  I put on a tv show late  (very late) at night for a few days and didn't even plan what colors would go where.  I am almost embarrased to show it here because it is just mindless coloring.
     I also have been focusing on finding the best deals on groceries.  I have every rebate app and price matching app available and am learning to use them.  I use to be an extreme coupon lady and was extremely good at it.  My best score was $100 of groceries for exactly $00.00, plus I got some shoppers rewards where coupons spit out of their machines.  That added up to another $25.00 I could spend.  I immediately put my groceries in my car, looked through my coupons, went back inside and spent it all.  My total for the additional groceries I got was awesome.  They PAID me $1.25 to haul that food out of the store.  Mostly I was paying 30% of asking price when I grocery shopped, but that visit was memorable.
     Grocery stores no longer double coupons in our area.  That darned Extreme Couponing TV show told everyone how to do it and the stores got frustrated.  I don't think they were frustrated about cost because they do get reimbursed, but people were abusing the system, copying coupons that weren't valid and the store wasn't getting paid.  It hurt all of us.
     I still get a few free items.  These week I got a free banana, tomato, grandma's brand cookies, etc.  I recently got free bath soap, lotion, etc.  Disposable razors were $0.25.  I can go to Walmart and price match everything that is on sale at local stores so I only need to shop one place for listed items and that is helpful.  I still get coupons so sometimes there are items I buy religiously that rarely go on sale and the higher value coupons are helpful.  I find some name brand items at the Dollar Tree that have coupons too.  They are sometimes free and sometimes just reduced by $0.25 but every bit helps.  Over all it is helpful but no where NEAR as helpful as double coupons use to be.
     So here is my mindless coloring for the past few days and it isn't even finished.  I think I am starting to get my Mojo back though so hopefully I can get back to creating useful things.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge day 14

     Happy Valentine's Day.  My day started out nice.  My husband cooked dinner and did dishes!  Dinner was great.  Then we started talking about stuff while I helped clean up.

House Mouse, Warm Cup
     I got distracted while I was giving medications to our dog and cat-both pets have seizures-and accidentally gave the dog's medicine to the cat.  I absolutely can't talk and do stuff at the same time.  I should have known better.  Our dog is 20 pounds and our cat is 5 years old and 10 pounds.
     I had to pay $49 to call the Pet Poison Hotline but I was happy they were there to talk to me.  I was frantic.  It had only been a few minutes but I am a retired Veterinary Technician with a background in Critical Care at a very large teaching emergency and specialty veterinary hospital.  Pet poisons was my special area of interest so I know quite a lot about it to start with.  I know for a fact that you can not make your cat vomit at home.  You have to go to an emergency veterinary hospital that has a special medication to inject to make the cats vomit.  I also know that not all veterinary hospitals have the medication.  I was so worried that I would have to take my cat to the "emergency room".
     I was told that the medication can be given to cats (I knew that) but the dose she got was a little higher than would be given even for the most severe seizures.  Thankfully it is relatively safe.  It doesn't hurt their liver for instance.  The dose she got would make her groggy which makes sense, and she might drool which is acceptable to me short term.  The only thing dangerous was that it could make her heart beat very slowly.
     It was recommended that she be monitored overnight at an emergency veterinary clinic so they could monitor her heart rate.  Since that is my old job, I knew that a technician would just take her heart rate every hour during the night and I would be charged an exam fee and a hospitalization fee for something I could do at home.  Now don't get me wrong.  I would have rushed her in if it was more dangerous but I can stay up during the night and take her heart rate for free.  I still have my stethoscope and the expertise to monitor her.  I can look at the heart rates and see if they are going down slowly over time and I know enough not to let it get really low before rushing her in.  If I see ANY trend that shows the heart rate is beginning to slow down I am rushing her right in.
     She got the medicine at 8 pm and it is almost midnight.  Half of the medicine will be eliminated 3 hours after she got it so she probably only has a safe amount in her at this point.  She is doing great.  No drooling and her heart rate has been the same all this time.  She was a little groggy but seems better now.  I was told that her heart could still be potentially affected for up to 9 hours afterwards so I am going to continue to monitor her but I am less worried now.  By the time I have to take my daughter to school in the morning I can let the cat out of the bathroom which is where she is living during the night so I know where to find her.

     Thankfully my daughter got her drivers permit and can do the driving to school.  I will be driving myself home from her school and going straight to bed!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

30 Day Coloring Challenge day 13

     I thought I would take a break from the Paper Nest Dolls and do a floral image with colored pencils.