Thursday, April 20, 2017

Birthday Focal Point

     I love how this card turned out.  I used Yana Smakula's perfect card making formula to make this for my daughter's 19th birthday.  I use to make my own "word greeting" background cardstock pieces.  This is the last of it.  I always liked those pieces and I believe I need to make more because the graphic black and white is very nice.  My daughter likes black cards, but she also loves old fashioned items with florals.
     I didn't have any foil or I would have made the frame in black foil.  I used glitter paper instead.  I used Copics to color the floral image, punched out a butterfly and added some darker copic markings to it, then I added a banner with a greeting.  I also added a clear gemstone to the side of the focal point frame.  Voila. The stitched edge outer frame was all it needed.
     I am in love with Yana's cards and this formula she uses can be modified as you can see.  She uses a white background, but I used a black and white one.  She uses foil but I used glitter paper.  It is close enough to the original formula and I will definitely keep this in mind when trying to create another special card.

Highlighted Floral

     I wanted to play with my Copic markers so I stamped these flowers and leaves, colored them, then stamped first and second generation pencil eraser dots coming out from the focal image.  I used several yellow copic markers to fade the colored background away from the edge.  Then I took a white gel pen to the edges of the flower petals and highlighted them.  I saw someone do that once on YouTube and thought I would give it a try.  It is rather bold and not my usual style but I think I like it.
     I stamped the thanks greeting on the actual card base because I wanted a one layer card (which is the kind I prefer to make) but I decide to do it in orange.  It just had the orange outline and didn't look good so I found this pre-made thanks greeting that was already on the white background piece.  I had previously colored it in a color that went nicely with the card.  I put two small pieces of folded black ribbon behind the greeting, used foam dots to raise the greeting and used some yellow enamel accents to put dots on the background within the floral focal piece.

Dollar Store Stamp Set Card

I found this stamp set at The Dollar Tree.  I was surprised to see three different sets of stamps.  They were really tiny.  I suspected they would make awful images, but this set was too cute not to try.  I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome!  I added a few pearl accents in pastel green and pink, then used some framing pieces and I was done.  I used every stamp one time with the exception of the leaves.  I used them each twice.  The one set of three little flowers was actually one stamp.

Scrappy Dog

     I made this card entirely from scraps.  I had this adorable scrap of background paper already cut out, just waiting for the perfect time to use it.  I believe the paper is over 10 years old.  I made the dog when I took the Online Card Classes Copic class several years ago.  I had the little rectangular white banner from a few years ago when I cut up a lot of my left over white scraps.  The butterfly is fairly recent because I made several of them about a month ago and there were two left.  The flowers behind the dog were in with a bunch of flowers I stamped and cut out several years ago.  Even the blue and black framing pieces were already cut out.  I had to round the corners on one of them, but the other one was already rounded.  
     I don't usually do cutsey cards, but this will do nicely for one of my nieces or nephews!  I then added a white gemstone the the dog's collar to bring it up a  notch.  I may go back and put some enamel dot eyes and nose on him, but I have had a habit of messing those up and I don't want to ruin my card.  Maybe I will just use a marker to darken those.