Monday, May 30, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Lesson 2. Blending

Day 2 - Blending

     Day 2 of Copic Jumpstart class was all about blending.  Blending with just one color, or two colors or preferably 3 colors.  It was also about blending colors that don't necessarily go together.  I discovered a new color combination for turtles.  I really like the colors Sandy chose for it.  I also discovered my own blend of marker colors for the dog that I love and saved as one of my favorite combinations.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sandy Allnock's Copic Jumpstart Class Lesson 1

Lesson One-The Color Wheel

     I am so excited to take this class.  Sandy Allnock, to me, is the most gifted Copic colorist.  She is a trained artist and excellent teacher plus she is pleasant, bright, funny and a good person.  I love the art she creates from scratch with her Copic markers and she will use stamped images with hand created forests or etc for the backgrounds.
     I previously took the online card classes Copics for Card Makers class and learned a lot.  Since then I seem to have improved also.  Sandy said that even experienced Copic users will likely learn something in this class so I was sold.  I am not at an "experienced" level yet but that comment made me believe I would definitely learn from her.
     In this first lesson we learned (actually I did learn it) about the color wheel.  I knew about the color wheel before but have never tried to use it for anything so it was more of a concept for me.  It was nothing I would ever use.  I now have ideas of how to use it when selecting colors, plus I am sure we will be using it in class.
     The coolest thing about this lesson was learning how to make multiple colors using just 3 markers.  In the bottom of the image above is two circles with pie shapes in them.  The one on the right was made using only three markers.  I  made all those different shades with just different amounts of blending between the three colors.  Very cool.