Saturday, June 18, 2016

Last lesson for Copic Jumpstart

     For our last lesson we were given kid's drawings (Thank you Penny-they are so cute!) to color along with a few other things to do.  I really want to get my Nieces and Nephews to send drawings to me now.  They would make excellent cards to send to them.  All I did was add the grass to "ground" the images.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Hair and Skin

Saturated Canary Wendy

     Today we worked with hair and skin tones.  I did work with a different skin tone than I normally do but I did the hair similar to how I normally do.  I'm not sure why the image doesn't seem clear but I took the photo at night and I continuously get terrible images that way.

Copic Jumpstart Color Combos

Traced Balloons from Avery Elle Balloons Dies

     Our homework for the day was to stamp multiple images and use different types of colors (warm versus cool) to make some images recede and some jump forward.  We also saw examples of  monochromatic, analagous, complementary, and triadic coloring.  I didn't have any stamps that would work for the homework so I used a set of balloon dies to create a possible card front.  First I traced the balloons, making sure to tuck some behind each other, then I colored them with analagous colors.  That is the look I am most drawn to.  
     I wish these were stamps because I don't have that thick outline to help keep my balloons perfectly even on the edges.  Some of my coloring goes outside the drawn pencil lines.  I couldn't have used my multi-liner to trace though because even with pencil, my dies wiggled and I messed up my tracing from time to time.  A copic multi-liner would have made a disaster if that happened.  Even though I don't have the nice black outline and my edges aren't perfectly smooth, I think I might be able to make this into a cheerful card for one of my young nieces or nephews.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Copic Jumpstart lesson 7

Ellen Hutson Mondo Hydrangea by Julie

     The lesson of the day was flowers.  I use to color each petal as individual shaded circles or ovals.  With the hydrangea however I looked at hydrangeas at the store and preferred the ones with yellow centers.  Initially I colored the two bottom ones and really liked them, but for class I experimented and colored another set identically, except I added the complementary color around the edges to shade, then went over them with the initial color.  Just a tiny bit of complementary color shows here and there around the edges and it also darkens the color.  I think I prefer it even though I really like the inital way I did them.  I guess I just need to continue to do them multiple ways since every way seems to be good.  (Sorry that the images on the left are blurry.  I'm not sure how that happened.  A light box is on my wish list but will probably take a year or two until I can afford one.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Lesson 6

Doodle Pantry Finny Fish

     Today in class we learned to draw long and short fur and add scales.  I do not like the look of drawn on fur.  Unless it is done by an artist (which I am NOT) it tends to look contrived.  Therefore, I searched for a digital image to apply scales to.  I had alligators and dragons, but they already had circles drawn on them where the scales should go, so I decided to use this fish instead.
     I made several of these in different colors.  As I was coloring them I saw how they looked in three different stages:  Plainly colored with no shading (boring, but how I use to color), Shaded but no scales (how I have been doing things for a few years now) but next to the ones with scales, it was still ho-hum, and then this shaded with scales.  It is definitely an improvement.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

High School Graduation Card

     My youngest daughter is attending her commencement ceremony today for graduating from high school.  I decided to do a red and black themed card in honor of her school colors.  I even spruced up her envelope a little.
Fiskars Monumental Moments

     I colored some clear rhinestones red for my bling.  I foam mounted the focal piece and put it on a black card covered with a scrap of red and white striped paper.  I colored part of the stamped rectangular "box" with a red copic marker and it actually makes it look as if there is a red layer and two white layers.  The inside sentiment says "Follow Your Dream".
     I am in process of finishing her cake and the side dish for dinner.  I bought her some roses, candy, and a balloon.  She is very shy and doesn't want a graduation party so there will be two times this summer when we visit relatives and bring a graduation cake with us as well as her senior photos.  Pretty low key this summer.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Copic Jumpstart- Time to Mask and Stamp


Masked Balloons and Strings

 Today we masked whatever stamps we had that were roundish, then colored and shaded them.  I didn't have the best selection of stamps and this was the only configuration I could come up with but I guess it wasn't so bad.
     I was able to mask the balloons so they look like they are behind each other and then I masked the strings so it looks like they are tied onto one string and then attached to the mug handle.  I did need to use my Copic Multiliner pen to finish the curlicue on the top of the mug handle.
     I used Memento Tuxedo Black ink to stamp the images and the two stamp sets I used were Fiskars Birthday Bash and Hero Arts Father's Day.  I drew in the tabletop.  I didn't have anything that seemed masculine to add as embellishments so I am keeping it plain.  Sometimes simple is better.  I think I have enough action going to keep the eye moving on the card front.
     I attached the card front (Georgia Pacific card stock) to PaperTrey Ink True Black card stock that I top folded into a card base.  I lined the inside with more Georgia Pacific card stock.

Copic Jumpstart Lesson 4

Lighting and Shading
     I learned a little more about lighting and shading than I did in the Online Card Classes Copics for Card Makers class.  Unfortunately I didn't remember to apply all that I learned to this image.  It was my first attempt and I was fairly happy with him though.  I plan on coloring many more so that I can perfect the technique.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Copic Jumpstart Lesson Three

My Favorite Shading Blend
     I have been experimenting and experimenting and experimenting with shading blends and have found my favorites.  This yellow one is slightly different than those mentioned in class, but Sandy said to experiment on our own to find what we prefer.  This one uses a lighter violet as the deepest shade, yet I still can see the deeper color and it avoids having the shaded parts look orange.