Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cards based directly or loosely on sketches.

Many of these cards were made for sketch challenges, however, I did not have a blog to display them and to use for a link to those challenges.  I am happy with most of them.  I am not happy with the coloring on some of them.  I like the watercolors, but they kept bleeding so I stopped using them.  I have a new technique I want to use for blending my colored pencils.  I think I will finally be happy with the coloring technique then.

I made a mistake when I stamped Happy Birthday on the boy card and I had to find a way to put a piece of cardstock over it and try again.

The images of children, mice, the mole and the cat are from "".  The woman with the flower, and the woman with the baby are from "A Day for Daisies". (Such beautiful images.)  The truck is from "Fred She Said".  The laundry lady is "Nana Vic".   The Rhino and the cute saying below him are from "The Crafty Journal".  The watering can of flowers is "Designed to Delight".  I mislabeled the party TGIF girl and don't know where I got her.  If someone knows, I would love to credit the artist or website.  The sweet love bird image is clip-art from Microsoft online.

Are there any here that look great to you?  What do you like about them? Any suggestions for improvements?  Which is your favorite?

Cards where I "winged it " and didn't get a professional look.

I really like using sketches to be ensured of a good card.  Some of the above cards are loosely based on some sketches I have seen in the past, or I just made up the design.  The common denominator between all of them is that they seem to lack something.  Something that takes them over the top and makes them look professional.

The girl with the ponytails, the boy in bed and the mouse in the cake are images from   She has so many adorable free images.  I just love her.  The peacock was from "A Day for Daisies".

I'm not sure where the "Cowboy", the underwear Christmas bear, or the flower girl (named Summer Missy) came from off the top of my head.  If someone knows, I would like to give credit to the blog or artist.

I ran out of ribbon when I made the Christmas card, and the birthday cake card.  I used rhinestones instead.  It works pretty well for the birthday cake card I think, but I would have preferred ribbon.  As for the Christmas card-it is lacking something and I can't figure out how to alter it to bring it up a notch.

I found the sentiment for the birthday cake card online at a website that suggests greetings for cards.  I used Photoshop to create the sentiment the way I thought looked good for the card.  I am really happy with the results. 

I love the coloring on the sick boy in bed, however, it is plain and I need to think of embellishments I can add to bring it up a notch.

Improvement one (out of two) on an early card

Here is an improvement on my card from 2 years ago.   (A wonderful "House Mouse" stamp. They are so cute, I just LOVE the house mouse stamps.)

The top card shows that I colored the candy canes heavier with the colored pencils and added color to the mice.  I also put brown color on the rug under them but I should have used green so it doesn't disappear into the color of the mice, and to coordinate with the green in the card.  (I think I have one more original card that I can use to make my new color scheme.)

It still isn't finished.  It needs embellishments.  I didn't use embellishments before but now I love to add a few.  The card just isn't special yet.  I will update you when I am convinced I am finished.

Eventually I will remake my cutest old cards using all the techniques I have learned (and I have soooo much more to learn).  I am still a newbie.

Comparison of two hummingbird cards

Here are two hummingbird cards for comparison.  My first attempt (several years ago) is the bottom pale one and my updated technique on the second old card is the brighter one on top.  Which one do you prefer?

I think for a sympathy card the paler softer one would be more appropriate, but otherwise I prefer the bright one.

Do you have a preference for the orientation of the bird?  I like the one where he is looking down just as much as the other one and have no preference.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A place to showcase my crafts

I am creating this blog to showcase my crafts.  I create greeting cards and other paper crafts.  There may be an occasional quilt or other craft. I have a box full of cards that I will start with.  I don't know how well they will show up because they have been taken with my I-pod touch, not my camera.