Saturday, June 27, 2015

My last box of Operation Write Home cards is almost ready to ship.

     Here is a sample of cards from the box of cards I sent to Operation Write Home.

     I will miss making cards for the troops.  Fortunately the only reason I can't send more cards is that too many of our Military are being sent home.  That's a good thing.
     I have always loved supporting them whether it was through Girl Scouts and sending cookies overseas, writing letters, or sending cards.  I have a few more to make and they have to be sent before August 1 but it looks like I will be done in plenty of time.  There might be a few duplicates from last time.  I am only allowed to send 4-5 of any similar design.  It use to be 8 so there were some I had ready to go at last shipment where I had already made 8, but was only allowed to send 4 by the time my shipment was ready.  That's ok because I can send the extras this time.  They won't go to the same units they went to last time.

High School Graduation card for a Girl

     This Graduation card is for a friend of my daughters who is graduating from High School.  She also has long blonde hair.    

Digital stamp Bugaboo Ava grad diploma