Thursday, April 20, 2017

Highlighted Floral

     I wanted to play with my Copic markers so I stamped these flowers and leaves, colored them, then stamped first and second generation pencil eraser dots coming out from the focal image.  I used several yellow copic markers to fade the colored background away from the edge.  Then I took a white gel pen to the edges of the flower petals and highlighted them.  I saw someone do that once on YouTube and thought I would give it a try.  It is rather bold and not my usual style but I think I like it.
     I stamped the thanks greeting on the actual card base because I wanted a one layer card (which is the kind I prefer to make) but I decide to do it in orange.  It just had the orange outline and didn't look good so I found this pre-made thanks greeting that was already on the white background piece.  I had previously colored it in a color that went nicely with the card.  I put two small pieces of folded black ribbon behind the greeting, used foam dots to raise the greeting and used some yellow enamel accents to put dots on the background within the floral focal piece.

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