Wednesday, April 4, 2012

paper clip bookmarks

     I've been playing around with making the giant paperclip bookmarks that I have seen all over the web.   There are so many different directions available for assembly that I ended up trying them all.  This is one time when the last thing I tried really did work and not because I stopped trying other things.  It worked despite the fact that I had no other options to try.
     I tried using adhesive dots to fasten the card stock to the paperclip and although it stays on the paperclip, the card stock will still move slightly from left to right on the paper clip.  I didn't like that so I tried super glue.  Major fail.  Nothing stuck and the glue seeped into the card stock making it wet.  Then I tried hot glue.  That worked well but you have to work fast or it gets lumpy.  Finally I tried 3 dimensionals around the edge and hot glue in the middle of each piece of card stock and that worked well.  Now I need to make them cuter.     
     My nieces and nephews will love these, although my daughter thought it was adorable too.

Here are the instructions for making a paperclip bookmark.
Supplies needed:  Extra large paper clips, hot glue gun and glue sticks, dimensional adhesive squares, and a two identically shaped pieces of card stock (the front and back designs for your bookmark.)  Ribbon is optional.
1.  Put the back of your card stock design on a table, with the design facing your table.
2.  Place one dimensional adhesive square on the left side of your card stock, close to the edge.  Place another square on the right side close to the edge, and place the third square in the center of your card stock, but a little lower than the middle.  Make sure there is room for your paperclip to fit over the middle square and between the other two squares without the paperclip showing.
3. Remove the paper backing on your adhesive squares and have your front card stock design facing you and ready to apply.  Also have the paperclips lined up facing the correct way so that when you glue them in, the double clip portion is down where it can fit onto a book page.
4.  Apply a thick single or double line of hot glue in an upside down U shape where the paperclip is going to go on the bottom cardstock.  (If you aren't sure where it goes, put the paperclip on the cardstock for a visual BEFORE applying the glue.)
5. Quickly place your paperclip in the hot glue and carefully but quickly put your front cardstock piece on top of everything being careful to line it up with the back piece.
5.  Decorate with a small piece of ribbon and you are done.  Congratulations!

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