Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Pastel Watercolor Birthday Floral Card

      I typically don't watercolor but I wanted to see how this stamped image looked when it was water colored.  The stamp set includes stamps to create blotches of color on the different parts of the stamp to make it look water colored.  I didn't like the messy look created by the stamps so I decided to dabble in creating my own water colored image.
     Originally I did not like it.  Some areas are blotchy.  I didn't use watercolor paper, but I also wasn't using much water with the watercolor because I wanted as vibrant a color as possible.  I started layering different colors on top of each other because the original colors were just too pastel.  I ended up using a violet color for the center flower-the same color as the little flowers around it, but I thought it needed a rosier color so I ended up adding a second layer.  I can't recall if I used pink or red, but I liked the color that the flower ended up.
     I love the pearl embellishments on the card.  The stamp set had the black blotches included in the background but I ended up using a white gel pen on top of the flowers to lighten the look.I matted the focal point in a sage green paper and mounted it on  rose colored card stock.

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